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Tampa Probation Violation Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of violation of probation, you need to act immediately. I will aggressively defend your case and fight for the best outcome for you possible. During probation, there are several regulations that must be followed. If any of the rules are broken during the probationary period, a probation violation occurs and you may receive punishment for the breach.

There are two types of probation you may receive: Formal Probation or Informal Probation. Informal probation essentially means that you will be expected to comply with certain requisites of the sentence and keep out of trouble. You may or may not be required to attend meetings with a probation officer. Formal probation requires that you must meet with your probation officer on a regular basis.

The types of probation usually given include:

  • Community Service
  • Physical Labor
  • Drug Testing
  • Jail Time
  • Counseling

Normally, probation lasts three (3) years, but may fluctuate depending on the severity of the reason you are serving the probation term. Bear in mind, however, that probation is nothing to take lightly. Even though you may be on probation, and it may already seem a consequence, there are more penalties if you fail to comply with the rules of your probation. If you happen to violate those rules, you may be detained shortly after the violation occurs and may also be required to appear in court. Several factors are used when the Judge and the Prosecutor are considering a probation violation. They are:

  • The gravity of the probation violation
  • The record of earlier violations
  • The nature of the violation
  • New criminal activity sustaining the violation
  • The probation officer’s or the probation department’s analysis of the violation

When the violation happened in respect to the probation term, for example, did it occur in the beginning, end or middle of the probationary period? A few consequences you may expect to accomplish may include prison time or revocation of your probation. You may be wondering now, “How do I violate my probation?” In order to prevent violation of your probation, here are some ways you may be able to violate it.

  • Failure to Comply

Your probation may involve some community service or rehabilitation. If you fail to complete these options, a violation in your probation may transpire.

  • Failure to Pay

You fail to pay fines or restitution to a victim if they require it.

  • Possession of Illegal Substances

You possess illegal weapons or drugs.

  • Violation of Rules

Some probation rules forbid you from visiting certain people or going to certain locations.

  • Failure to Appear

You may be required to appear in court for a progress statement. If you fail to appear, then you may violate your probation.

  • Being Arrested

If you are arrested during your probation period, you will violate your probation, regardless if charges were pressed or not.

  • Committing a Crime

If you commit a new crime while on probation, your probation has been violated.

If you happen to break any of the rules, some consequences you may anticipate are:

  • An extension to your probationary period
  • Revocation of probation
  • Physical Labor
  • Community Service
  • Treatment program
  • Rehabilitation
  • Counseling
  • Restoration of probation with same or different terms
  • Amendment of probation terms

With a proactive approach, many cases of violation of probation can be dismissed. If this has happened to you, get in touch with me today.